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Bishop Parker Catholic School And Nursery

“Be brave! Stand firm; for the Lord your God is with you.” Joshua 1:9

We learn together. We grow together. We celebrate together. We pray together.


Welcome to EYFS!

Outdoor Learning 

We are lucky to have a beautiful outdoor area. We have been learning together outdoors for example building this wonderful shelter and playing a throwing game which helped us with our counting as well as our motor skills. 

Animal Visit 

The children in EYFS enjoyed meeting animals including this fluffy bunny! 

Photos from 2022-2023

Meeting baby chicks

The children were very excited to visit school to meet some new arrivals.  We were lucky enough to see an egg hatching, so Mrs Brown let the children name one.  We talked about how we can help to look after the animals.

Making new friends and working together

The older children have ensured that the younger children, who have recently started Nursery feel very welcome.  There have been lots of opportunities for the children to work together.  Working together is fun!


We talked about a special occasion, when the three kings visited baby Jesus.  During cookery, the children made a special 'king cake' placing a paper crown, which they had made together on top of the cake.  The children also decorated individual crowns with sparkly gems and glitter. They enjoyed sharing the cake afterwards.

Christmas Activities

We have read and talked about The Christmas Story.  The children used wooden nativity characters to re-tell the story in their own words.  Some children have dressed up as characters from the story too. The children have also taken part in lots of Christmas craft activities, including making decorations, making crowns and decorating Christmas trees. 


We have been learning about Advent when people get ready for the birthday of Jesus at Christmas.  The children looked at an Advent Wreath and then they used cut out shapes, chalk and tissue paper to make their own. 


The children have seen fireworks in the night sky.  We talked about the beautiful colours.  The children made their own firework pictures using the overhead projector.  Everyone was excited to see their huge picture on the board.  Some children made fireworks pictures outside by throwing teabags dipped in paint towards large sheets of paper. 

Autumn Adventures


The children have been talking about seeing pumpkins in the shops.  The following day different sized pumpkins appeared in Nursery!  First the children painted them.  We talked about how some colours mixed together to make new ones.  Next the children developed their fine motor control skills by hammering golf tees into them.  The children also sorted the pumpkins in size from the smallest to the largest. The most exciting part was cutting the pumpkins in half and exploring what was inside!

Trip to the Park 

We went for a walk to the park.  On the way we took part in a sound walk.  Everyone listened carefully to sounds which they could hear in the environment.  We heard lots of different sounds, including birds singing, trains going past, aeroplanes and machines blowing leaves. 

Everyone had a lovely time.  The children enjoyed sliding down the slide, taking turns on the swing, climbing over and under equipment and playing games with their friends.