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“Be brave! Stand firm; for the Lord your God is with you.” Joshua 1:9

We learn together. We grow together. We celebrate together. We pray together.

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



Past Photos

Year 3

Stop Animation

Year Three worked hard over several weeks to explore, design, create and evaluate their own stop animation movies based on our upcoming Roman topic. 


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Wright Brothers FUN

It was exploring toy, paper-helicopters which sparked the enthusiasm in the Wright brothers, the two men that helped develop, inspire and create the idea of jet-planes used today - So it's where we begun in our exploration of many Historical figures throughout the world of Science!


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After completing our literacy sequence and adapting our class-read into a playscript, some of our bravest children volunteered to put on a play for the rest of their peers to enjoy, using their own great writing! 

Stone Age Day

To enrich their learning, the children enjoyed a whole day dedicated to living the life of a Neolithic person. We began by creating our Neolithic names and followed that up with some soap-knapping to make our own Stone-Age spear heads using similar methods practiced thousands of year ago. Next, we prepared and cooked Stone-Age stew using ingredients available to Neolithic people. We started our very own fire just like they would have done many centuries ago. 

Free-Time Activity WK6

Mr Hamilton allowed us to meet his pet snake. While a couple of us were a little scared... many of us were amazed to feel the smooth scales and see that slithering-snake tongue.

Cave Art

As part of our History topic, the children have explored The Stone Age and era's that followed. To further this learning, the children explored the ways in which the Neolithic man would have produced art work as a means of communication. Together, we gathered local fruits and berries which we then used to produce our own paint/stains. After, we learned how to create different shapes and images with charcoal and eventually, we were able to become 'Cave people' as we blew paint through a hollow object to make hand stencil art, just like real-life art produced many hundred-thousand years ago. 


The children were very thoughtful when decorating their group table ready for our reflection of our 'Families' topic. The children constructed their own prayers and read these aloud. The children then wrote promises to bring forth the word of God in their own lives. 

Free-Time Activity WK3

We were fortunate enough to receive a visit from a local paramedic who answered many questions, provided some interesting information and even let us explore her ambulance! Tracy was also kind enough to patch up some critical injuries during her visit.



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Egg and Spoon Race

Year 3 enjoyed a casual tournament of egg and spoon races to celebrate the wonderful learning and activities we have done over the years with Mr Kirkby. Mr Kirkby has left for new adventures and we wish him all the best. 

The Big Dig

To introduce our history topic this half term, the children became archaeologists; uncovering ancient artefacts. Animal bones, fossils and fragments of tools and weapons were among some of the items discovered.

Free-Time WK1

Children were able to choose from a range of activities as part of our first 'free-time' session. Year 6 loaned us a real heart they were exploring as part of their science learning. Many of the Year 3 children were excited to see and touch a real organ.