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“Be brave! Stand firm; for the Lord your God is with you.” Joshua 1:9

We learn together. We grow together. We celebrate together. We pray together.


In Nursery and Reception, the foundations for learning history are put in place through children developing their understanding of the world. Learning which encourages children to notice how things have changed in their lives and the lives of people they know ensures that children are ready to learn history when they enter Key Stage 1.


The History curriculum at Bishop Parker School is designed to cover the National Curriculum objectives for History in Key Stage 1 and 2 in a way which develops historical perspective and a love of learning through revisiting key skills and knowledge of recurring themes and concepts from history in engaging units of work.


History is taught as a discrete subject area but is also enriched through exploring links with English work, Art, DT, Science, Music or Computing where possible. The children’s learning is also enriched through creative lessons, trips and visits.


We want children to be able to develop historical perspective through a curriculum which builds knowledge and understanding of:

  • Chronology
  • Historical terms
  • Historical enquiry
  • Interpretations of history
  • Key concepts including:
    • Continuity and change
    • Cause and consequence
    • Similarity and difference
    • Significance of events or people


The curriculum is sequenced so that concepts are revisited in new contexts each year. Children learn about new historical periods, events or people in each year group but with links drawn out, vocabulary and skills revisited and built upon to ensure that the children make progression in historical perspective and develop increasing independence.


Each unit of work is sequenced to begin with an exploration of children’s current knowledge understanding and the discussion of key question/s. This is then followed by lessons which explore the learning set out in the national curriculum. They key question/s are then revisited at the end of the unit of work. Enrichment opportunities may be included as part of the learning sequence at the point which suits best, according to the teacher’s own professional opinion.


The curriculum is taught using a variety of methods to ensure that all learners make progress. To support all pupils, but particularly those with English as an additional language, key vocabulary is explored, shared with parents and may be pre-taught. We also aim to teach history which meets our school context through exploring black history as part of history learning in each year of Key Stage 2.


Schemes of work written by teachers are reviewed and updated each year to ensure:

  • The curriculum is tailored to the needs of the class
  • That specific children’s needs are appropriately catered for
  • That the curriculum includes enrichment opportunities
  • That objectives and skills are covered