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Bishop Parker Catholic School And Nursery

“Be brave! Stand firm; for the Lord your God is with you.” Joshua 1:9

We learn together. We grow together. We celebrate together. We pray together.


In our Nursery and Reception classes, art is taught through the ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ component of the EYFS. We nurture children’s natural creativity and allow them to explore a variety of techniques and tools. We encourage children to experiment with different colours, textures and mediums and to use their imaginations to enable them to produce unique pieces. Children are encouraged to share their creations and to explain their process using taught vocabulary.


In Key Stage 1 and 2 we cover the National Curriculum. The art curriculum at Bishop Parker School has been carefully created to ensure that not only are the National Curriculum objectives covered but also that children are given the opportunity to practise taught skills, build on prior knowledge and explore their creativity.

Children are encouraged to try a variety or art types including but not limited to:






As well as developing their practical skills, we also focus on the children’s knowledge. This includes the work of various artists, time periods and styles as well as the introduction of new vocabulary. This allows links to be made across children’s learning in other subjects such as English, RE, History and Geography.


The curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure that children are given the opportunity to practise and build on previously taught skills. Each unit is linked to the current topic so that we are able further embed this learning and develop key vocabulary. Children are also given the opportunity to practise their art skills in other lessons such as RE, History and English.

Teachers use their knowledge of individual children to challenge or assist children where appropriate. The Children at Bishop Parker School are encouraged to express their individuality and explore their creativity through art.